Foam Fill

Foam Filled tire, view from the inside.

Constantly having flat tires? Is it causing you unacceptable Down times?

You can count on us, Ewald - a company you can trust!

We offer Foam Filling on any of your air filled tires. Foam filling can eliminate any unbearable down times caused by a flat tire.

 Foam Filling is very durable, and will elminate any flats!

Ewald Industrial Tire & Wheel services the complete Tri-state area.
We service Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio area.

OTR Foam Fill

Solid OTR Tire Removal

TY Cushion

Solid OTR Tire Pressing

Kolossus Solid Tire

Solid OTR Tire Installation

New Case Loader with 17.5x25 TY P1A Solid OTR tires

20.5x25 Sentry OTR Loader tires

Additional services offered by Ewald Industrial Tire & Wheel:

* We offer a FREE survey inspection on your equipment's tires, we will come to your facility and record tire sizes, wear, and the hour meter reading. (This service is helpful in determining your tire life. Everytime a tire is replaced by Ewald, we will record the hour meter reading.)
* We can press all sized rims, we have the biggest "in house" tire press in the Tri-state area.
* Dismount old tires, and mount on new replacements.
* Tread Lug, Groove, and Tire Siping.
* Weld, or Lug Wheel / Rim.
* Scrap old removed Tires.

** If you are in need of any additional services not listed, please call one of our Customer Service Specialists for further help**